The Rules

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The Rules

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Dear colleagues! Please, pay some attention and read short rules (or the User Agreement) listed below. If you accept them and wish to continue the process of registration, mark your consent by clicking the button "I accept these terms".
To register you have to provide a username (preferably your real surname, name and patronymic, or your nickname as a last resort), a password (and a password confirmation), a valid email address, and a confirmation code. Kindly note that after your registration is completed, it is impossible to change your username. It is also important that you provide a valid email address for you to get a confirmation code in order to complete the process of authorization.
Attention! Without clicking a link in the confirmation registration email you will not be able to create topics and to post messages, that is why enter the email address you currently have access to very carefully.
If you do not receive an email with the activation code in the near future, you should try to request it on the registration page again or to correct/change the email address (probably even for an email address of another email server) in the Personal section and to receive the activation code in the corrected/new email address.

1. General provisions:

1.1. A forum user (hereinafter – the User) is a private individual registered in the forum who has an access to the forum via the Internet.
1.2. The forum administration (hereinafter – the Administration) is represented by persons who perform the administration of the forum and other actions connected to the forum use legally.
1.3. User’s Personal section (hereinafter – the Personal section) is User’s virtual space in the forum assigned to him/her by the registration. User’s email address and the password he/she creates are required in order to be registered in the forum. All the actions performed in the Personal section are considered to be performed by the User, unless proved otherwise.
1.4. The User’s registration without reading the User Agreement is not allowed. The Agreement comes into effect since the User is registered in the forum and is valid for an uncertain term.
1.5. You can find the User Agreement here: viewtopic.php?f=85&t=58l. The Administration has the right to change the User Agreement unilaterally without prior notice.
1.6. All the disputes between the User and the Administration are resolved under the current legislation.
2. User’s rights and duties:
2.1. After being registered in the forum the User obtains the status of a registered User and a Personal section. The User undertakes to ensure himself a secure data access to the Account and measures to prevent unauthorized persons’ unauthorized access to the Account.
2.2. The User is a sole owner of copyright and related rights for the content produced in the forum, and is absolutely liable for it under the current civil, administrative and criminal legislation of Ukraine. User ensures the protection of copyright and related rights on his/her own.
2.3. The User has the right to use all the forum possibilities within the provided services less and except the duties of this User Agreement. ATTENTION! Users without medical education have the right to ask questions to doctors only in the special forums like “Ask a doctor” according to the speciality of User’s interest.

2.4. The User undertakes:

to ensure the reliability of the information provided;
when the dissemination of information not created by the User in the forum, to ensure the inclusion of relevant information into the content about the source or about the person, who disseminates such information, in the form and volume sufficient to identify such a person;
not to perform the collection, copying, keeping and distribution of other Users’ personal data regardless of the intentions to use these data;
not to use the possibilities provided by the forum for any email marketing purposes (advertising, commercial, agitational and others);
not to advertise the goods or services in order to profit: any commercial advertising shall be agreed with the Administration;
not to perform any actions that may prevent other Users from access to the forum services (in full or in part);
not to perform any actions that can prevent normal functioning of the forum, and not to try as well to get an unauthorized access to the forum management and to any actions available only for the Administration;
not to violate the legislation of Ukraine by using any of the possibilities provided by the forum (when User is outside of Ukraine he/she undertakes to act under the current legislation of the host country);
not to use the access to the forum for propaganda or agitation that can provoke social, racial, national or religious hatred and enmity, propaganda of violence or war, social, racial, national, religious or language superiority;
not to post and not to send in the messages of any type any materials the content of which may be considered as impolite, obscene, offensive, antisocial, or violate rights of minors, contradict the foundation of the rule of law, ethics and morality, as well as contain links/hyperlinks to the webpages with similar materials;
not to post and not to send in the messages of any type the access to the malicious software in any form;
not to post and not to send in the messages of any type personal data and contacts of other individuals without their consent;
not to post and not to send in the messages of any type deliberate misrepresentations of other individuals or organizations;
not to post and not to send in the messages of any type pornographic materials or links/hyperlinks to the webpages with similar materials;
not to represent falsely himself/herself to be another real person;
to read and acknowledge the full variant of the User Agreement here: viewtopic.php?f=85&t=58l
2.5. The User gives the consent to use his/her personal information in a generalized form in order to conduct marketing researches and targeting on the website under the condition that the email addresses are not passed to the third parties.
2.6. No business, partnership, commercial or advertising activity of the Users is possible without a written agreement of the Administration.

3. Administration’s rights and duties:

3.1. Administration has the right to post advertising banners, ads, as well as other information at their discretion on the webpages that contain User’s materials.
3.2. The resource Administration does not edit the information posted by the Users and shall not be liable for its content and compliance with the Ukrainian legislation requirements, for breach of copyright, for unauthorized trademarks’ use, for firms’ names and their logotypes, and for any third parties’ possible rights violation connected with the information posted in the forum. In case of receipt of claims from the third parties related to the information posted, the User independently and at his own expense will settle these claims.
3.3. The Administration reserves the right to remove from publication or to delete posted by the User materials in case if the Administration considers that they contain deliberately false information, violate moral and ethical norms, and are offensive towards the forum Users.
3.4. Forum Administration performs current forum management, determines the composition of the forum services, their structure and layout, permits and limits the access to the forum, and performs other rights that belong to it.
3.5. The Administration shall not be liable for User’s damages caused by incorrect use of forum content or refusal to follow this User Agreement.
3.6. When the User violates the rules established by the current User Agreement, the Administration has the right to terminate temporary or to block User’s access to his/her Personal section, or to delete his/her Personal section.
3.7. The Administration does not consider conflict situations and does not resolves disputes between the Users, however, reserves the right to limit the access of the registered User to his/her Personal section on the basis of well-reasoned complaints about User’s behavior.
3.8. The Administration undertakes to make best efforts to provide the Users with the access to the forum, however, does not guarantee its smooth functioning.
3.9. In case of force majeure situation (for example, military operations, emergency, natural disaster etc.) the Administration does not guarantee information posted by the User safe-keeping, as well as smooth functioning of information resource.
3.10. In case of adoption by the Ukrainian legislative bodies laws and regulations that affect fully or partially the forum functioning, the Administration reserves the right to make any changes in the forum functioning to bring it into the compliance with the new norms without prior notice.
3.11. The Administration shall not be liable for the mismatch of User’s expectations and practically received services.

4. Terms of Use:

4.1. Content rights for Users’ materials within the forum belong exclusively to the Users.
4.2. All Content rights within the forum are protected by the legislation of Ukraine, including copyrights and related rights.
4.3. When using the information in the written form it is necessary to add an active hyperlink to the forum home page ( or to the page with the relevant material. When using the information in any other form it is necessary to add a reference: “Information source: …”.

Dear colleagues, please, do not use in the forum the email addresses with a switched on autoresponder function. When receiving an autoresponces from your email the account will be blocked immediately.
We fully trust you, that is why there is no preliminary check of created topics and messages. Once you send the message, it is posted in the forum without delay. The forum Administration disclaims liability for the content of topics and messages posted by the Users. Only the author of the topic or message is liable for its content. If you accept there rules, you undertake not to post the copyrighted material, unless the copyright belongs to you. Forum Administration preserves the right to delete irrelevant messages and topics. You can find the rules for creating the topic in the section “About the forum work” (forum “Rules”).
The author is liable for the depersonalization of the materials including removal of personal data and identity confidential (in the cases when the appearance does not carry the information necessary for clinical analysis).

It is prohibited in the forum:

1. To post the messages with subjects prohibited by current legislation of Ukraine, as well as to post propaganda of religious, racial, national, political or language enmity (let’s not make it here, dear colleagues, we can speak and we respect our native language, which is Ukrainian, but let’s respect each other and speak the language we get used to).
2. To post the ads. Advertising policy in the forum is in the exclusive competence of the Administration and is not a subject to discussion.
3. To post offensive/obscene expressions or threats towards forum Administration, forum members, as well as other individuals and groups, and to post openly their email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook, Skype contacts, etc. (in Personal section in a tab “sign” you can specify your position, structural department (department), place of work).
4. To be registered using provocative or odious names (nicks); also using names that can offend any feelings of other forum members; using meaningless nicks (for example, Ajhevxfyby or 84645524883); using names of already existing forum members (including their minor changes).
5. To post the messages in Latin script (using transliteration), however, using other languages is not prohibited.
6. To double the topics with the same question in different forums (sections).
7. To copy the messages from other resources and to paste them even if they were written by you. Describe the problem in a new way, this will help you to get new answers (instead of your messages being blocked and deleted in the forum).
8. To post messages, that contain only an emoticon or “+”, “+1” signs and others.
9. To ask questions in somebody else’s topic. You have to create a separate topic with your question.
10. To write the name of the topic or the message text in CAPITAL letters.
11. To quote excessively other messages in your messages.
12. To delete and to change posted topics and messages. All the materials remain as archives for other members to be able to read them in the future (editing of the message is available during two hours after its publication; the topic’s name – during one hour).
13. To post offers for sale of medications and medical products, supplements, homeopathic remedies, books, software and of any other goods, as well as of any kind of services.
14. To re-register in the forum after being banned. When such account is discovered it is blocked without a notice immediately.
15. To post external links (the forum members are recommended to refrain from posting the links to the external resources without an expressed need, it is prohibited to post the links to the advertising videos, as well as to the other forums, portals, resources and social networks).
16. Forum users who indicated their medical education shall, when posting external links, clarify their compliance with the principles of evidence-based medicine.

Rules for creating the topics:

In the title of the topic with the question there should be necessary indicated the essence of the question without unnecessary words. Do not create topics with the titles like “Help”, “Suggest”, “Urgently” etc. All the topics of the forum are being discussed collectively (multidisciplinary approach is welcomed). Thus, in the topic title there should be no direction to the definite User to whom it is addressed.
Before to create a new topic, you should use a search function: it is possible that your question has been already answered. If you did not find the answer to your question, create a new topic in the most suitable section for it. The question should contain as much information as possible to be answered. Do not add the links to other websites, where you have asked your question already or where the details are described: such links will be removed, the User will get a notice, and in case of recurrence will be removed from the forum.
Duplicating questions. Every question should be posted only within one forum and within one discussion. If the question is related to several forums, the version of this question that relates only to definite forum should be posted in each forum, citing direct links to these topics. When duplicating questions are discovered in different forums, all similar messages will be deleted.

When violating the rules the users are given the notices or penalty points, and relevant messages are deleted. For flagrant violations of the rules, the user will be removed from the forum. Moreover, where appropriate, your provider or law enforcement officers will be informed, because the IP-addresses of the users are kept for realizing such policy.
As the User you agree that information provided by you will be kept in a database. This information will not be disclosed to the third parties without your consent; however, neither the forum Administration, nor phpBB Limited shall not be responsible for the actions of hackers/intruders/scammers who can realize an unauthorized access to it.
When the User does not agree with the moderator’s or forum Administration’s decision, he/she has a right to express his/her point of view in the written form by sending a mail to Administration’s email. It is prohibited to create discussions with this subject. The Users who create and take part in such discussions will be considered by the Administration as flagrantly violating the forum rules and consequently will be removed from the forum.
We reserve the right to change these rules any time without prior notice, that is why it is advisable for you to read this text regularly in case changed, otherwise continuing to use the forum after the rules being updated/changed equals your consent with them. While registration process you agree with the general provisions, which you can find in the relevant section “About the forum work”.
Your proposals for the organization of the forum work you should send to the administrator's e-mail or specify in the section “Suggestions and wishes”.
З повагою, Адміністратор

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